Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Go to a Salt Cave

Today I finally went to a salt cave. I don't really know why I was putting it off; I guess I thought it would take more time or something. It was about a 25-minute drive, so if you multiply by two and add in the time spent in the cave... But I have to say that it was worth the time, and it really didn't feel like it was as long as I thought.

I should actually rephrase that because the time I spent in the cave itself felt much longer than the 45 minutes it was. The ambient music and lighting coupled with the cozy blankets and reclining chairs made time feel like it moved in slow motion. I took a nice snooze and woke up feeling refreshed and clean. I'm definitely going back again, and when I do, I'm spending more time walking on the salt. It felt like a massage on my feet!

Goals Accomplished: 71
Days Remaining: 136

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