Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visit the Willis Tower Skydeck

I'm sure my parents must have brought me here when I was a child, but I don't remember. So it seemed like a visit as an adult was appropriate. Plus, with the new glass ledge, I knew the Skydeck was a must-see on my exploration of my new home city. Standing on that glass ledge gave me the sensation of falling. After about five minutes I had to step back onto firm ground, but I'm glad I did it.

My one piece of advice if ever you visit: make sure to buy the Fast Pass. Otherwise the line is horrendously long, and full of people you don't really want to spend several hours with.

Goals Accomplished: 30
Days Remaining: 726
Money Saved: $575

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Design and Get Third Tattoo

I accomplished this task today kind of by accident. One day I realized what I wanted my next tattoo to be, and today I was getting it. As I was sitting on the couch tonight, it suddenly dawned on me that I finished one of my goals. Bonus!

It means, "This too shall pass." My grandmother used to say it all the time, and while my relationship with her was never very close, I appreciated this lesson. And now I'll have it with me forever.

Goals Accomplished: 28
Days Remaining: 733
Money Saved: $498