Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Watch the Sex and the City Box Set

My in-laws gave me this set as a holiday gift about four years ago, and I never opened it. I really wanted the set, and had asked for it, so it was just silly and a waste that I hadn't watched any of it in four years.

I didn't have HBO while the show was airing, so I had seen some of the episodes, but always edited and not in any particular order. Well, now I have seen every single episode, unedited, in order from beginning to end of all 6 seasons. I even went through all the bonus material, including playing those ridiculous games. And while I may watch some of the episodes again, I will definitely never do that again.

Goals Accomplished: 16
Days Remaining: 899
Money Saved: $262

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Design and Purchase a Pair of Jeans on Indi

I have been drooling over jeans from Indi for a few years now. I've gone on the site and designed several different pairs of jeans just for fun, dreaming of the day I would finally purchase a pair. Alas, I never felt like I was thin enough to justify the expense, and I never could decide what I wanted to order.

Then I saw a Groupon that offered $100 off. That pretty much took care of using the price as an excuse. And then I realized what was missing in my denim wardrobe: a pair of skinny jeans I could wear inside boots. I just needed to decide if the size I am now is the size I'm going to be. The answer to that is pretty simple: I haven't changed sizes in about a year, so I'm probably not going to in the next year.

I finally placed my order today after much designing and redesigning. I really wanted to make sure that I chose all the best features for me. I ended up with the Duboce Skinny style. They should be at my door in about a month. I hope they fit!

Goals Accomplished: 15
Days Remaining: 907
Money Saved: $244

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Go to a Movie Alone

I had never been to a movie by myself before, so I hit a matinee today on my day off. I opened up my Fandango app on my phone, clicked the tab for right now, and chose the flick that seemed the most appealing to me.

That flick happened to be Young Adult with Charlize Theron, and written by Diablo Cody. Charlize Theron was very good. The movie... Well, let's just say it's pretty typical Diablo Cody fare. Yup, it's set in Minnesota (where she isn't actually from, by the way). Yup, there are "cleverly" written lines. And yup, it ends with pretty much no resolution.

However, the experience of going to the theater on my own was pretty nice. Yeah, I felt a little bit moronic when I laughed (or scoffed) out loud with no one there to do so with me, but I also didn't have to share my Milk Duds, or my arm rest, I got to pick the movie, and it didn't look like I was trying to give my husband a blowie when I took a sip from my soda without lifting it out of the cup holder.

Goals Accomplished: 14
Days Remaining: 912
Money Saved: $229

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make 6 Scarves for Knit Your Bit

During my last 101/1001, I challenged myself to make three scarves for Knit Your Bit, and I figured since this is my second list, I should make twice as many.

So here they all are. I like some more than others, and there's one I don't like at all (I'm not telling which one!), but I'm still pretty proud of the work I did -- especially since I even knitted a couple of them, and that was completely new for me.

I'm sending them off tomorrow, and I truly hope the veterans who get them enjoy them. And perhaps I'll make thrice as many during my next 101/1001...

Goals Accomplished: 13
Days Remaining: 913
Money Saved: $218