Sunday, January 15, 2012

Design and Purchase a Pair of Jeans on Indi

I have been drooling over jeans from Indi for a few years now. I've gone on the site and designed several different pairs of jeans just for fun, dreaming of the day I would finally purchase a pair. Alas, I never felt like I was thin enough to justify the expense, and I never could decide what I wanted to order.

Then I saw a Groupon that offered $100 off. That pretty much took care of using the price as an excuse. And then I realized what was missing in my denim wardrobe: a pair of skinny jeans I could wear inside boots. I just needed to decide if the size I am now is the size I'm going to be. The answer to that is pretty simple: I haven't changed sizes in about a year, so I'm probably not going to in the next year.

I finally placed my order today after much designing and redesigning. I really wanted to make sure that I chose all the best features for me. I ended up with the Duboce Skinny style. They should be at my door in about a month. I hope they fit!

Goals Accomplished: 15
Days Remaining: 907
Money Saved: $244

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