Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ride a Bike to or from Work

Yesterday I had one of the most terrifying experiences I've had in Chicago: I picked up a Divvy bike and rode it home. The bus was not coming, and I had already walked about a mile, and I needed to get home ASAP. I figured I would either get home quickly on one of those bikes, or die trying. Luckily, it was the former! Whether or not I'll do it again... Well, that's TBD.

Goals Accomplished: 81
Days Remaining: 79

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Write a New 101/1001

I feel like this was my hardest list to write so far and took the most time. I was actually surprised when I counted up the list and found I was done. This list is certainly less heavy in running, and much more focused on creating and reading, but I'm ok with that. I need to branch out a bit.

So without further ado, a link for you! Third Time's the Charm, people.

Goals Accomplished: 80
Days Remaining: 80

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Discover a Local Band I Like

Rich and I used to go to shows in Minneapolis all the time, and we were pretty involved in the local music scene there, but when we moved to Chicago, we didn't really know where to start. I purposefully put this goal on the list in order to jump that hurdle. We both missed seeing live music, and it was time to get back into it.

A small amount of research put me on the track of Archie Powell and the Exports, and I'm really excited. They remind me quite a bit of a couple of Minneapolis bands I loved. We are going to see them live next month at The Subterranean, and hopefully I like them live as much as I've been enjoying their album!

Goals Accomplished: 78
Days Remaining: 96

Monday, March 17, 2014

Complete the Insanity Workout

I did it. I. Fucking. Did. It.

Six days a week for nine weeks was no easy feat in and of itself. Add to that the fact that Insanity lives up to its name, and I couldn't possibly be prouder of myself. 

I didn't lose a ton of weight because I didn't change my diet (oh well, whatever), but I did gain a huge amount of strength. And I've gotten compliments from people on how good I look too. I'll take it!

Goals Accomplished: 77
Days Remaining: 116

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Learn How to Arm Knit

My mom sent me a link to a video a while ago of this woman knitting with her arms instead of using needles, and I knew I had to try it. What a great way to make a quick gift! Even better, what a great way to reduce my yarn stash!

Today I finally tried it, and you can see the result in the picture. It was so easy, quick, and fun. I used a really chunky yarn in two colors, but I bet if you wanted to use a lighter weight yarn, you could just use more strands at a time. I think I'll try that. I really need to bust through my stash; I have too much yarn I don't have projects for...

Anyone want a chunky cowl?

Goals Accomplished: 75
Days Remaining: 120

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Organize the Storage Closet

Believe it or not, this closet used to be so messy we couldn't even walk back there. The entire space was filled with books, memorabilia, and stuff we just didn't even know we had or what to do with. Not anymore! I got rid of a ton of garbage and organized everything into what you see here. It took me two days, but it was so worth the time. I'm feeling super accomplished right now. Buh-bye, clutter!

Goals Accomplished: 74
Days Remaining: 122

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Create a Continuing Education Binder

This was a seriously long time coming. I've taken numerous classes over the past four years, and at each class I took a plethora of notes, and they have been scattered throughout our house in different notebooks and binders and on many tabletops. It was driving me crazy how messy it was, and the answer was simple. Yet I kept procrastinating on actually organizing everything until finally it just became time to get it done.

Truth be told, I was planning on doing it much earlier so I would have an amazing reference book for taking my Postgraduate Certification Exam (mentioned and completed a couple of posts ago), but I didn't do it in time. Well, that's all right because it's done now, and from now on when I take a class, all I have to do is file my notes. Whew.

Goals Accomplished: 72
Days Remaining: 135