Thursday, March 22, 2012

Visit My Parents in Arizona

I hate Arizona. I don't understand why someone stopped in the desert and said, "Hot as hell here. No water. I know! I'll build a house and live here." But they did, and now there are a lot more houses here, including my parents' house in Fountain Hills. And since every time my mom comes to Chicago she ends up in the suburbs and I hardly get to see her, it just made sense for me to go to her for a real visit.

I got in Sunday night and we went to a sports bar for dinner before heading home. As Chicago is two hours ahead now, Monday morning I was up before the sun, but we didn't get going until a little while later. My mom is a docent at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), and she really wanted to take me there. I went, not realizing just how large the place is and how many installations they have. I was very impressed, and I highly recommend a visit if ever you make it out there.

On Tuesday morning we hit the gym so I could get in my 3.5 mile training run, came home for lunch, and then did some shopping. Surprisingly, I really didn't buy that much. There were two items from MAC I was planning on getting just because the tax is cheaper here and I didn't have time at home before I left, but otherwise I just got a lip gloss and a hair product at Sephora. Totally thought I was going to find some clothes or a scarf or something, but we actually didn't even go into any clothing stores. Anyway, after that we grabbed dinner at Blue 32 where we met Rich's parents. It was a nice night, so we sat on the patio outside and my two dads smoked cigars.

Wednesday was spa day. We went to Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. We each had a massage and pedicure, a Cobb Salad (which was delicious!) for lunch, and then hung out by the pool for a bit and took advantage of the sauna, whirlpool, eucalyptus inhalation room, and waterfall treatment pool. We were there for about 6 hours, and it was truly a needed and appreciated break! Once we got home, we took my mom's dog, Zory, for a walk and a short hike up the mountain before hitting the showers and going out for drinks and dinner with my mom's friend, Kylie (who is actually my age).

Today is going to be another trip to the gym and lunch, and then it's back to the airport and homeward bound. Overall, I've had a really great trip, and I'm glad that I came. I needed some Mommy and me time!

Goals Accomplished: 21
Days Remaining: 841
Money Saved: $370

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