Monday, October 17, 2011

Make a List of 25 Things I Like About Myself

This was actually more difficult that I thought it would be. I thought of 10 things pretty easily, but then came to a standstill. I would think of something, but then realize I already had it on the list either worded exactly the same way or just slightly differently. I'm glad I did this goal, however, because it really made me reflect on my personality and my body, discover things about myself, and develop some pride for who I am and what I do. Plus, I now have something to refer to that will make me feel better on those days I'm feeling ugly, fat, and stupid.

In no particular order:
  1. I'm meticulous.
  2. I have pretty hair.
  3. I set goals and accomplish them.
  4. I'm a good listener.
  5. I'm determined.
  6. I'm good at managing finances.
  7. I'm realistic.
  8. I have pretty skin.
  9. I'm smart.
  10. I have a good sense of humor.
  11. I love to learn.
  12. I have integrity.
  13. I have beautiful eyebrows.
  14. I'm organized.
  15. I'm good at doing my makeup.
  16. I'm trustworthy.
  17. I'm a good baker.
  18. I know how to build a successful business.
  19. I develop amazing client relationships.
  20. I'm a good trainer/teacher.
  21. I'm a good singer.
  22. I have a pretty collarbone. 
  23. I'm a fast and detail oriented waxer.
  24. I'm empathetic.
  25. I'm willing to admit my mistakes and learn from them.

Goals Accomplished: 3
Days Remaining: 998
Money Saved: $33

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